Saturday, April 3, 2010

Protect Your Body With Colloidal Silver!

by Babu G. Ranganathan

The best defense against any disease caused by viruses or malignant bacteria is the age old remedy of colloidal silver. The metal silver in its colloidal state can be safely consumed and used in the body. Bacteria and viruses cannot develop resistance to colloidal silver. Silver disables a vital enzyme and mechanism in all bacteria and pathogens so that they cannot survive. It is good to take a few teaspoons of colloidal silver daily to maintain health. More colloidal silver should be taken if experiencing illness.

Colloidal silver was used by the medical profession well into the 1930's. However, it was expensive to produce and afford, especially at that time, and pharmaceutical companies invented alternatives (i.e. anti-biotics) to colloidal silver which were cheaper to make and sell. However, now many germs have developed immunity and resistance to anti-biotics.

The CDC has recently said that anti-viral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza are effective against swine flu, but even these drugs may soon become obsolete if the virus develops resistance. The virus, however, has no ability to resist the disabling power of silver.

Even developing a successful vaccine against the virus may become obsolete should the virus substantially mutate. Colloidal silver, very simply, is a natural and irresistible remedy to any flu virus, germ, bacterium, and disease causing pathogen.

Even the FDA has approved the production and sale of colloidal silver as an anti-microbial so long as the colloidal silver is produced in the same manner as it was back in the 1930's and earlier. Unfortunately, there is just too much money and economics tied to the present production and sale of synthetic anti-viral and anti-biotic medications made by pharmaceutical companies for medical doctors, hospitals, and even government to recommend colloidal silver as an alternative to the public. Many modern health professionals have never even heard of colloidal silver!

Economics is the reason why many natural remedies are not known and used by the medical profession. Over the decades, scientists in public universities have discovered and tested the effectiveness of various natural properties in preventing and treating disease, but because they are natural they cannot be patented and if they cannot be patented not much money can be made. That is the major reason for why these scientific discoveries are not taught to students in medical schools and why medical doctors are ignorant of them and easily dismiss them. Not every natural claim is successful or effective, but quite a few are which have been scientifically tested and proved.

It is interesting to note that some hospitals today use colloidal silver to disinfect medical equipment, but the colloidal silver is not being given to patients.

When very ill at one time with the flu and constant and continual cough, I took eight or more ounces of colloidal silver at one time with great results! You won't get blue skin pigmentation if you take properly prepared colloidal silver that have super small suspended silver particles. Those who make their own colloidal silver have experienced the blue skin problem. The blue skin coloration, however, does not harm the body but it is permanent once you get it. Make sure to get professionally prepared colloidal silver.

If you do take colloidal silver make sure you also consume yogurt on a regular basis because the colloidal silver will also destroy the good bacteria in the intestines. There are various companies making colloidal silver and the quality of the colloidal silver may differ from company to company. You will  find much more helpful and in-depth information at this site where my wife and I have been buying our colloidal silver: