Saturday, April 3, 2010

Indian Origin of Egyptian Civilization

by Babu G. Ranganathan

The ancient Egyptians in their writings described that they had come "from the South", and from a land which was reached by crossing the Great Sea, a land which they called "Punt". Some have said "Punt" refers to ancient Somalia but this cannot be for various reasons, among them being the fact that the description of the animals and plants given by the ancient Egyptians as being native to the land of Punt match only with that of the southwestern coast of India (known as Malabar). Also, Somalia doesn't lie across any great sea.

There is, in fact, considerable archaeological and anthropological evidence that ancient India was the source of ancient Egyptian civilization. The ancient black Indians, known as "Dravidians", (who in ancient times were also known by the Greeks and Egyptians as "Ethiopians") built and laid out ancient Egyptian civilization and, no doubt, in the process also mixed with their black brethren in Africa. The ancient Egyptians, themselves, admitted in their writings that they received their civilization and culture from the Ethiopians, another black "race".

In ancient times there were known to be two types of Ethiopians, Western Ethiopians, in Africa, (who were black with woolly hair and fine features) and their brethren, the Eastern Ethiopians, of India, who also were black with fine features but possessed straight hair. Both Western and Eastern Ethiopians were descended from the biblical Cush, one of the sons of Ham. An excellent website offering substantial scholarship and historical documentation and evidence that ancient India was the source of Egypt's ancient culture and civilization is "India and Egypt":

In ancient times, India was inhabited by various people, the Aryans, Dravidians, Veddoids (also known as Australoids), and Negritos. Today, the majority of India's population is a mixture of both Aryan and Dravidian with pure Aryans mainly in the extreme North and pure Dravidians mainly in the extreme South. The Veddoids mainly live in the hill regions of India and the Negritos mainly live off coast in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Contrary to decades old popular belief, a plethora of evidence now shows that the Aryans did not invade India from the outside but were all along native to India along with other races. Technically, "Aryan" and "Dravidian" are linguistic groups and not necessarily races. The word "Aryan" actually means "noble". An excellent website providing useful information on this is:

India contributed tremendously to Western civilization. Many don't realize that Western mathematics originated in India. The so-called "Arabic" numerals, the decimal system, and the very concept of using zero as a place value in mathematics were invented by the people of India and borrowed by the Arabs. Because the Europeans borrowed their mathematics directly from the Arabs they became known as "Arabic" numerals, but they originated in India. Without the decimal system that India created and which was borrowed by the West, via the Arabs, Western science and technology would not have been possible. The ancient Roman numerals would not have sufficed. The Arabs borrowed much of their sciences and mathematics from India and transmitted them to the West. More and more textbooks on mathematics now are mentioning India as the original source of Western mathematics.

Einstein himself said, "We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made."

Actually all advanced ancient civilizations may have their roots in India. Read the scholarly Internet article, "Abraham, Who Was He?

Today Egypt is referred to as an Arab nation, but this is only because the Arabs conquered Egypt centuries ago and imposed upon the original people their Arab language, culture and Muslim religion. Many modern Egyptians of today are really the descendants of Arab, Persian, Greek, and other non-African peoples that entered into Egypt over the many centuries. The ancient or original Egyptians, however, were of African or Black (Negroid) descent, and this is still mostly true of the bulk of Egypt's rural population, especially in the south. Long before the Arabs invaded and conquered Egypt the famous and ancient Greek historian Herodotus (who is known as the Father of History) visited Egypt and wrote concerning the Egyptians: "They have burnt skin, flat noses, thick lips, and woolly hair" (Herodotus, Book II, p. 100, translated by George Rawlinson, New York: Tudor, 1928). It’s been discovered that the embalming process straightened and, in some cases, changed the color of hair found among the entombed pharaohs. Readers may wish to obtain the book "Return To Glory" ( The book, written by white author and professional speaker Joel F. Freeman, discusses the historical and archaeological evidences for ancient black Egyptian civilization.

It is often asked how all the varieties of humans could have descended Adam and Eve and, particularly, from Noah's three sons Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Obviously, Noah and his three sons Ham, Shem, and Japheth each carried the genes for producing several races since ultimately all the races of mankind had descended from them. Genetically, it was possible for Noah and his three sons to carry the genes for producing different races just as it is genetically possible today, for example, for a person of European origin to carry genes for producing children with different color hair. The principle is the same. Although you and I today may not possess genes for producing different races of people, Noah and his three sons Ham, Shem, and Japheth did possess such genes.

Contrary to popular belief by some, black skin is not a curse. Ham (which means "black") was given that name by his father Noah before there was any curse pronounced by Noah. The particular passage in Genesis 9:25 has been grossly misinterpreted. First of all, Noah never cursed his son Ham. The actual curse was on Canaan the oldest son of Ham. Ham also had other sons but they were not cursed by Noah. The servitude (or subjugation) of the Canaanites occurred at various times in history under various rulers. Their ultimate subjugation came under the Romans (who were descendants from the line of Japheth) when the Romans destroyed their final stronghold which was the ancient city of Carthage (a Phoenician or Canaanite colony) in North Africa, thus fulfilling Noah's prophecy in Genesis 9:27 that Canaan would serve Japheth. The Canaanites were also once slaves of the Hebrew people (descendants from the line of Shem) who themselves were once slaves of the Egyptians and, thus, fulfilling the Biblical prophecy that Canaan's descendants would be a "servant of servants." The Canaanites were also at one time ruled by their brothers the Egyptians. Thus, the Biblical prophecy concerning the curse of the Canaanites had been completely fulfilled long ago.  

Black skin protects from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. In fact, all human skin color is brown. The skin pigment that gives color to all skin is melanin which is brown. Whites have the least amount of melanin in their skin and that's why they appear "white". Only albinos (those born with no melanin because of genetic defect and mutation) are purely white and in most danger from harmful effects of the Sun's rays. Instead of black skin being a "curse" it is a healthful blessing for those living in year round hot climates.

We are all from the same parents, created equally in God's image, and in Christ equally His children and whatever we possess and whatever good and progress any in the human race have done or accomplished is by the Creator's undeserving free grace, for His rightful glory and for our benefit and the benefit of others.