Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chemotherapy Success With Aloe Vera!

by Babu G. Ranganathan

Chemotherapy doesn't have to be a dreadful experience for cancer patients. Aloe vera juice, especially one that is of high quality, helps to strengthen the body's natural immune system to fight cancer cells while at the same time protecting the healthy cells from irreversible damage normally caused by chemotherapy. A cancer patient taking aloe vera juice during chemotherapy will, more than likely, experience far fewer side effects and nausea and far greater probability of success in either eliminating the cancer or having the cancer go into remission.

This scientific article by Dr. Lawrence G. Plaskett: "Aloe and Cancer" reveals the clinically proved benefits of taking aloe vera during chemotherapy. In fact it is good to take aloe vera everyday to maintain proper health.

Food really is the best medicine! For thousands of years, in all sorts of cultures, aloe vera has been successfully used for all sorts of ailments.

Modern science shows that aloe vera, a desert plant, contains a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and amino acids. Taking, at least, 8oz of aloe vera daily will provide comprehensive nutrition for your body and help prevent or heal serious disease. The proof is in the thousands of individuals who have experienced the benefits of aloe vera over the centuries.

Aloe vera is food so it shouldn't interfere with any prescription medication an individual is already taking. Find out first if you're allergic to aloe vera. Rub some on your skin. If your skin doesn't break out then go ahead and start off with a 4 oz. glass every day. If you have a medical condition (i.e. cancer) consider taking, at least, 8-12 ounces of aloe vera juice a day. The taste isn't great, but just add more water to dilute it and it becomes very easy and comfortable to drink.

I personally know of someone at work who had very high blood pressure. She took 12 ounces of aloe vera juice a day for one month and her blood pressure returned to nearly normal. She only needed to take a fraction of her prescription medication. Now that her blood pressure is back to normal, she is taking only one 4 ounces (two shot glasses) of aloe vera juice daily to maintain her health. Aloe vera won't cause side effects like many prescription medicines. And because aloe vera is all food you can safely take it with prescription medication.

Here is a link to a very interesting article, "The Aloe Vera Miracle" by Mike Adams: For pennies a day you can be healthy or regain your health.*

There is no money to made by the medical profession or hospitals by giving patients aloe vera or any other natural remedy. The drug companies hold medical doctors and hospitals in their hands. Prescription medication is a multi-billion dollar money-making machine. Yes, some prescriptions are good. I am not saying all prescription medications are bad.

Many research scientists at major public universities continually report how foods in nature can help prevent or heal diseases. This information, for the most part, doesn't get taught in medical schools, particularly in the United States. There is a big disconnect between university research scientists and the medical profession, again, especially in the United States.

God may very well have put within aloe vera everything the body needs for good health. All medicine is from chemicals, whether God-made in nature or man-made.

Make sure to get a high quality aloe vera juice. Talk to a professional in your local health food store. A helpful site to consult is Walmart stores carry a very high quality and inexpensive aloe vera juice (Fruit of The Earth) in their pharmacy section. 

* Contrary to what Mike Adams says, Nature did not create the Aloe vera plant. Aloe vera is found in nature and reproduces in nature but it was not invented or designed by mindless nature.

NOT MADE BY NATURE! Just because something exists in nature doesn't mean it was invented or made by Nature. If all the chemicals necessary to make a cell were left to themselves, "Mother Nature" would have no ability to organize them into a cell. It requires an already existing cell to bring about another cell. The cell exists and reproduces in nature but Nature didn't invent or design it! Nature didn't originate the cell or any form of life.

Natural laws can explain how an airplane or living cell works, but it's irrational to believe that mere undirected natural laws can explain the origin of an airplane or a cell. Once you have a complete and living cell then the genetic program and biological machinery exist to direct the formation of more cells, but how could the cell have originated naturally when no directing code and mechanisms existed in nature? All of the founders of modern science believed in God. Read my Internet article: HOW FORENSIC SCIENCE REFUTES ATHEISM

Only evolution within "kinds" is genetically possible (i.e. varieties of dogs, cats, etc.), but not evolution across "kinds" (i.e. from sea sponge to human). How did species survive if their vital tissues, organs, reproductive systems were still evolving? Survival of the fittest would actually have prevented evolution across kinds! Read my Internet article: WAR AMONG EVOLUTIONISTS! (2nd Edition). I discuss: Punctuated Equilibria, "Junk DNA," genetics, mutations, natural selection, fossils, genetic and biological similarities between species.

Natural selection doesn't produce biological traits or variations. It can only "select" from biological variations that are possible and which have survival value. The real issue is what biological variations are possible, not natural selection. Only limited evolution, variations of already existing genes and traits are possible. Nature is mindless and has no ability to design and program entirely new genes for entirely new traits.

What about genetic and biological similarities between species? Genetic information, like other forms of information, cannot happen by chance, so it is more logical to believe that genetic and biological similarities between all forms of life are due to a common Designer who designed similar functions for similar purposes. It doesn't mean all forms of life are biologically related! Also, "Junk DNA" isn't junk. These "non-coding" segments of DNA have recently been found to be vital in regulating gene expression (i.e. when, where, and how genes are expressed). Read my popular Internet article: HOW FORENSIC SCIENCE REFUTES ATHEISM

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Babu G. Ranganathan*
(B.A. theology/biology)


* I have had the privilege of being recognized in the 24th edition of Marquis "Who's Who In The East" for my writings on religion and science, and I have given successful lectures (with question and answer time afterwards) defending creation from science before evolutionist science faculty and students at various colleges and universities